Got pizza? The human being who doesn’t like pizza has probably not yet been born. Anchovies might be an exception to the rule, but when it comes to pizza, nearly everyone has their favorite. The trouble when deciding on pizza is not what is on top, and most often not even how thick the crust is, although there are connoisseurs who prefer one over the other. The difference lies in how much any one person can eat. That is where the sharp divisions that try mankind’s souls are born. Fortunately, thanks to a limited number of sizes that any pizza parlor, including the restaurants found on, can make and how many slices can realistically be cut from those sizes, it’s fairly easy to determine how many slices are derived from a given sized pizza.

Similar to Papa Johns Pizza

It is also important to remember for any discussion of the number of slices apportioned to any given sized pizza that although individual shop owners and managers have their preferences, many pizza customers make special requests for the specific number of slices that they require. For example, if a customer orders a large sized pizza, he will ordinarily receive his 14-inch pizza that is cut into eight even slices. If, on the other hand, a customer wishes to feed more people with a 14-inch pizza than would ordinarily be fed with eight slices, he can request that his pizzas be cut twice, thus giving him 16 slices, rather than the standard eight.

How Many Slices in a Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

The large pizza made by Pizza Hut is 14 inches in diameter. Given the fact that individual restaurants can choose to utilize either a circular slicer or a two-handled knife with which to cut their pizzas, a vast majority of the products that a given restaurant produces are evenly numbered. In the case of a large Pizza Hut pizza, this means that there will be eight relatively evenly sized pieces to a given product.

How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza Hut Pizza?

One size smaller from the large pizza is the medium-sized pizza, which measures 12 inches in diameter. Using the same cutting criterion as described above, a medium pizza is usually cut into eight evenly sized slices. It is also important to realize that in the case of some restaurant that specializes in take-out orders, the medium sized pizza is the smallest that they provide to their customers, the other size being large. there is some variance, of course, since some of these outlets allow themselves the option of making personal sized pizzas for their customers.

How Many Slices in a Small Pizza Hut Pizza?

The small pizza at Pizza Hut measures just 8 inches across, which usually ends up being four generously sized pieces. there is usually little variance of this number from restaurant to restaurant. Again, how pizzas are cut is determined to a great extent on the type of cutting device being used, but there is usually some input by the management of the restaurant itself.

How Many Slices in a Personal Pan Pizza Hut Pizza?

The personal pan pizza made by Pizza Hut measures at six inches across, crust to crust. It’s small enough that it could be eaten with your hands without difficulty without cutting it, although most restaurants cut it in half for convenience sake. Some restaurants opt to cut personal sized pizzas twice, making the final result four slices of pizza instead of two.

From the discussion above, it does not take a sous chef to know that there will always be some variance in the sizes of the pizzas that a given outlet produces. It is also important to note that despite there being some guidelines from corporate headquarters on the way pizzas are to be cut, there will be those franchise owners who choose to do it differently. They might think that cutting a pizza in a different way will affect their bottom line, or for some other reason. What is usually the most important factor to remember is that the methods used in cutting pizza should be consistent, even among restaurants, and with the ultimate decision of how many slices be left to the needs and discretion of the customers.

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