Our writers recently visited a night club/restaurant that was having an event hosted by the lovely model @KoiGrand. After meeting her personally we decided to write a bit of  a article about her. After doing research we see that she has thousands of videos and pictures on the web. We were at one of the best strip clubs in Houston like the ones listed here when we met miss Koi Grand. Houston’s night life is definitely all that you hear from Drake songs. Check out a few of the best photos and videos of Koi Grand below.

Koi Grand Half Naked

Looking damn good too. Whoever has the pleasure of being next to this woman is a luck man. According to Strip Clubs Near Me, Koi Grand is very single right now. So all you need to do if you are interested is come with some very strong conversation. For more pics and videos of the lovely Koi Grand, check out her post on Strip Clubs Near Me.


My own valentine ❤️ #KoiGrand

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Video of Koi Grand in Water

Playfully throwing a coconut as if it were a football you may catch a few delicious shakes if you watch close enough.  More photos can be found on her official website.

Monday 2pm, at the beach 🤑

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Koi Grand Before and After a Stiff Drink

There seems to be a bit of a theme when it comes to the beach life and Koi Grand. She always seems to have some sort of coconut or other island/beach frequent fruit.

Clothes on & still bodied ya ! 🎁 #KoiGrandddd

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Koi Grand Video Walking on Beach

What mroe can we say about how delicious this peach appears to be.

Heard Milwaukee was looking for me ? WELP, IM HEREE 😍😍😍

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