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Omega J8004 and J8006 Juicer Review

Before I get to the actual Omega juicer review, let me briefly explain the differences between the two models and why I'm reviewing them both in the same post. The difference between the Omega J8004 and the J8006 is...(hope you're ready for this one) the color! Yes that's right, both models are exactly the same juicer but the J8004 is white and the J8006 is chrome. Now if you don't care about the color and just want to save some money, the 8004 is generally about $40 cheaper than the 8006. Keep in mind though, since it's white it will…

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Great Juicer!

Summary : Our favorite juicer on the site and overall best for your money. Extracts lots of juice from ingredients, pulp is fairly dry, operates very quietly, and is easy to use. 15 year warranty. There are about 5 parts that need to be cleaned when you're done, but just a quick rinse and they are good to go.

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Before I get to the actual Omega juicer review, let me briefly explain the differences between the two models and why I’m reviewing them both in the same post. The difference between the Omega J8004 and the J8006 is…(hope you’re ready for this one) the color!

Yes that’s right, both models are exactly the same juicer but the J8004 is white and the J8006 is chrome. Now if you don’t care about the color and just want to save some money, the 8004 is generally about $40 cheaper than the 8006. Keep in mind though, since it’s white it will stain after using it for some time and then it may not be as good to look at in your kitchen.

Alright so now that we cleared that up, let’s get on with the review.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy the Omega juicer, I have found it to be through They have the best price and also offer free shipping. Click Here if you would like to be taken to the Amazon page for the Omega.

Features of the Omega Juicer

  • 1/3 horsepower, single phase induction motor
  • Dual stage juicing system to get the most juice out of your ingredients
  • Rotation speed of 80 RPMs
  • Works for fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nut milks, nut butters, baby food, fruit sorbets, and you can even use it for pasta!
  • GE Ultem auger that is 8 times stronger than other single-auger juicers
  • Barely any oxidation which means less foam and a higher quality juice
  • Exceptionally quiet motor
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Dry pulp output
  • Easy cleaning
  • 15 year warranty

What all comes in your Omega J8004/J8006 package?

Omega 8006 Juicer parts

  • Motor base
  • 2 screens: 1 for your fruit and vegetable juices and the other is a blank-screen to be used for nut butters, sorbets, and other “thicker” recipes.
  • Feed chute with hopper to easily feed your ingredients into the machine
  • GE Ultem auger that is 8x stronger than other augers
  • Tamper to help push the ingredients into the auger
  • Cleaning brush
  • 2 containers: 1 to catch the juice and the other to catch the pulp
  • Strainer
  • Several different attachments for making pasta


The Omega 8004/8006 is a very manageable size. It’s 14.5 inches long, 15.5 inches in height, and 6.5 inches in width. It weighs approximately 14 pounds with all of the pieces added. This is nice because it doesn’t take up a whole lot of counter space and it’s not too heavy to move around either.

Check out the picture below to get an idea of how much space it uses on the counter when fully assembled:

Omega juicer reviews

The Motor

The motor on the Omega juicer is a 1/3 HP (horsepower) motor that spins at a slow 80 RPM (rotations per minute). The slow speed of the motor means that not only will this machine be super quiet, but it will also cause less oxidation of your ingredients which translates to less foam, and a better overall quality of juice.

Don’t let the slow speed fool you either. It’s not going to make you sit there all day feeding your ingredients into the chute. Even though it’s known as a slow juicer, you can still have a fresh glass of juice made in about 5 minutes after washing and cutting your fruits and veggies.

Feed Chute

The chute on this juicer measures approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. This sounds kinda small, but it’s actually a decent size. You will be able to fit whole pieces of celery, most carrots, whole grapes and cherry tomatoes, and even most leafy greens without chopping them. However, you will need to chop bigger produce like apples, oranges, cucumbers, beets, and so on.

Just to give you an idea, I usually only have to chop my cucumbers into 4-6 pieces, and my apples into about 12 pieces.

There’s also a hopper that can be attached to the feed chute so you can just dump your ingredients in and it will feed them down the chute. This is useful for dumping in berries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc.


One of the many things I really like about this juicer is that it’s very quiet. Like I mentioned earlier, it has a low RPM motor which doesn’t make a lot of noise so you don’t have to worry about waking up or disturbing other people in the house when you use the Omega. The same can’t be said for some other juicers that spin at high speeds and as a result make tons of noise.

Color Options

omega j8004 and j8006 juicers

I know I touched on this in the intro, but you have 2 color options with this version of the Omega juicer. You can either go with the J8004 which is white, or the J8006 which is chrome. I think the chrome one looks a lot nicer, and you don’t have to worry about it getting stained like you would with the white. However, if you want to save some money, the J8004 (white) is generally $40 cheaper everywhere I’ve seen it.


Now this is what I really love about the Omega J8004/J8006 juicers is their warranty. They currently offer a 15-year FULL warranty on their units. This covers everything from the front of the juicer to the tip of the cord. Some companies only offer a certain warranty for the motor, then another shorter one for the parts, or vice-versa. Omega covers the whole thing for 15 years though which I think is awesome. To me this proves that they built these things to really last.

What Can You Use the Omega J8004/J8006 For?

I think the question here should be what CAN’T you use it for? Here is everything you can make or put in this juicer:

  • Fruit and vegetable juices and it even does exceptionally well with leafy greens
  • Wheat grass
  • Nut milks/Soy milks
  • Nut butters
  • Baby food
  • Frozen fruit sorbets
  • Pasta
  • Salsas/sauces
  • Grind your own coffee
  • Mince garlic and herbs
  • And I’m probably forgetting a few things

How it Works

This Omega juicer is really simple to operate. First you want to install all of the pieces like in the diagram below:

Omega J8006 assembly

Once you have the pieces put together, take your juice bowl and put it under the juice spout, and then place the pulp bowl right next to that underneath the end cap (this is where the pulp comes out). Now it’s time to wash your produce, chop the bigger pieces to the proper sizes, and start juicing!

From here it’s simple, turn the juicer on and start feeding your ingredients in the chute (use the included tamper to help push your ingredients down into the auger). Like with all juicers, you will want to make sure you’re rotating your produce. This is especially important if you’re using leafy greens. Every time you send a few pieces of leafy greens through, follow them up with something like a piece of a cucumber or apple to help push the greens all the way through. The reason for this is since they are dryer and more fibrous, they tend to get stuck in the screen and you need something to help rinse them all the way out. This isn’t a problem with the Omega or anything, it’s just something that’s recommended for all juicers.

I usually start my juicing with the greens, alternate throughout the process with everything I have, and finish with either celery or cucumber. This seems to do the trick and leaves less pulp and juice in the screen and on the auger when I’m done.

Now unlike conventional juicers that operate at high speeds to extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables, this is a masticating juicer. This simply means that the Omega crushes and grinds the ingredients that are added to it instead of spinning at high speeds like some other juicers do. In my opinion, slow masticating juicers are the way to go because you will have very little to no oxidation, which means very little foam and an overall better quality end-product.

There is also an automatic pulp-ejection system which allows you to continually juice without having to stop to clean out any pulp. The juice keeps flowing out of the juice spout and the pulp keeps falling out of the end cap.

Here is a video of Joe from Rockstar Reviews using the Omega which will allow you to see exactly how it works (he’s using an 8005 in the video which is practically the same thing):



Clean Up

The clean-up process with the Omega isn’t bad at all. I know some juicers have a million pieces that need to be washed and dried, but with this juicer everything is pretty simple. Just unlatch the drum (feed chute) from the motor base, remove the end cap, the screen, and the auger, and rinse all the pieces in your sink. There is also an included cleaning brush that’s good for getting the pulp out of the fine screen. The whole clean-up takes like 2 minutes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Everything has it’s pros and cons, but to be honest, it was kind of hard for me to find anything I didn’t like about this Omega juicer. Anyway, here’s the list:


  • Operates very quietly.
  • Because it is a masticating juicer that operates at only 80-RPM, it crushes the ingredients instead of whipping them around at high speeds. This makes healthier juices with very little oxidation and foam.
  • Pulp comes out really dry so you know you’re getting more juice out of your produce.
  • Clean-up is quick and easy.
  • There are many uses for this machine – it’s not just a juicer but I can also make my nut milks/butters, and countless other recipes.
  • It’s very simple to setup and use.
  • 15-year warranty so I know it will last for a long time.


  • If I had to find one thing that’s a con with this juicer, it’s that the smaller feed chute means you will have to spend a little more time chopping your produce before you can feed it through. I really don’t mind it, but it’s worth noting.

Where to Buy

You can buy this Omega Juicer from many different locations, but from what I have seen, the best place to buy is through They have the lowest price I’ve seen and they will ship the juicer to you for free which saves you some money too. You can also add other cool products to your order like juice recipe books and various accessories.

Wrap Up of Our Omega Juicer Review

If you are serious about making healthy juices and other healthy foods, than the Omega J8004/J8006 juicer is the perfect product for you and I highly recommend it. Out of all the ones I have used and seen, this one is probably my favorite.

Not only is it priced well for what you’re getting (I know $300 is a lot of money, but for what it does and how it measures up to other juicers, it’s a very fair price), but you’re also getting a 15 year warranty and a great product that makes exceptionally tasting juice as well as a plethora of other foods. Plus the pulp comes out very dry, which means you’re getting more juice for your money than other juicers will give you. Over time, this all adds up.

While there are other juicers on the market that are also powerful and produce quality products, in my honest opinion, this one is the best of the best aside from spending $2,000 on a Norwalk juicer.

I hope this Omega juicer review was helpful!

Our overall grade is a solid A.

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment in the box below if you have a question or just want to share your own Hurom Slow juicer review!

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