As anyone who has a family or simply a desire to eat on their on terms knows, cooking dinner can be a daunting task. The idea that I have to always eat annoys me sometimes as I don’t like anyone telling me what to do, especially my stomach. But this persistent feeling of death being only a couple of hours away seems to keep me submissive to these demanding orders. So when the hunger feeling comes around I want to silence it quickly.

Dining Out

On one occasion of the hunger monster attacking we were out and about. We visited a local pizza restaurant to help us out with our need to eat. It was somewhat enjoyable but it felt kind of dirty as the employees werent as excited to be there as we were at the time. Other than the greasy floors the food was enjoyable. But I would of much rather cooked at home.

Cooking at Home

The next day we decided to eat at home instead spending money out and about in the world. This decision was for the best as my pockets were kind of low. The spaghetti was delicious as I took a nice recipe from online that I have been dying to try.

My Own Pizza Pie

The next week when it was pizza time I decided this time to make my own pizza using this recipe While it was not as good as the aforementioned greasy restaurant it was acceptable. The crust was a bit too dry for my taste. I guess this is why most just go to pizza places that specialize in making a great pizza pie.



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